Super Tuesday was pretty damn super! Wasn’t it?


Well, it’s official, I’m a changed man! My first Super Tuesday, and my god it was good, well as good as multiple Republican Primaries can be. I initially thought about trying to blog straight after the results had come in from the US of A, but Thursday is my preferred writing day. I don’t know what it is about Thursday, but it just feels like a good writing day, I also finish school at 12.30 so that might be it, but no we’ll stick with ‘it’s a good writing day’. Anyway, I wasn’t really too sure what to expect from Super Tuesday, there’s so much going on and so much to look at so it’s difficult to try and focus on any specific state. I say that, but everyone was telling me that Ohio was clearly than one to watch, and more on that later. But I do wonder why Super Tuesday takes place, I wonder why they choose to have 10 Primaries on the same day, but I guess it creates an element of excitement and attracts more spectators, and if there was any race that needed an injection of excitement, it was most definitely this one!

Another problem with Super Tuesday? There’s so many damn states I don’t really know where to start… I’ll start with good news; the Republican Presidential Race looks set to drag on into the Summer, which may not sound like good news to some, but it’s good news for me! I mean what else am I going to write about!

Ol’ Mitt won the battle of Ohio, just, but hasn’t quite won the Republican war, yet. He was denied a ‘full house win’ of 10 states as Sweater vest Santorum once again proved that he wasn’t going down without a fight by winning an impressive 3 states. Unfortunately for Mitt Romney & the Republican party, it’s once again the case of the never ending story for the GOP; Super Tuesday’s usually prove decisive, this one not so much. The biggest day of the race was once again evidence of the fractured nature of the Republican party and the lack of grassroots conservative support for Mitt Romney. At this point Mitt hasn’t quite got it in the bag, instead of ‘nominee’ he’s more ‘frontrunner’, the process of changing from the latter to the former is easy for some, evidently it’s not quite as easy for ol’Mitt, and it’s made much more difficult when you face reluctance from your own party.

So we’ve had the good news, which unfortunately means the bad news is on it’s way… As well as Ohio, ol’Mitt took Vermont, Massachusetts, Idaho, Virginia and Alaska. The Sweater Vest king, fighting on a comparatively tiny budget, took Tennessee, North Dakota and Oklahoma, as well as running a remarkably close race in Ohio. So that’s nine states accounted for, which leaves one, and here’s the bad news; Everyone’s least favourite ‘Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters’ look a like Newt Gingrich looks as though he’s going to continue riding his dead-horse of a campaign for at least a couple of weeks, Ok maybe that was bit much, but every article needs hyperbole. His win in his home state of Georgia was his first since he won South Carolina in January, and although it wasn’t a huge result, it will at least allow him to continue trying to convince voters that he’s the best alternative to Rick Santorum.

In closing, Mitt hasn’t taken so much of a leap towards the nomination, he’s taken more of jump only to be attacked mid-air by a sweater vest clad lunatic Christian conservative . On the subject of good & bad news, it’s good news for Barack as he slowly seems to be rising in popularity, in fact it’s a political see-saw, as the Republicans attack each other, the Democrats & notably Barack Obama seem to rise, note if Newt Gingirch was front runner, Barack would be rising on the political see-saw both metaphorically and physically. The bad news, however, as usual is for the GOP, as the Republican National convention comes into sight, the GOP seems to be coming apart at the seams possibly leaving room for a 3rd party candidate. Good News for Ron Paul then!

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  1. The idea that the GOP cannot go through a vetting process and still remain united is unfounded. Obama did showed that quite well in ’08. “Sweater-vest” is merely pulling the GOP together, through the challenging of Romney.

    Ron Paul, for the sake of his son, cannot run third-party this year.

    At least your humor-laden writing will have an opportunity to thrive the entire year.

    • Hey! Thanks for your comment!

      Personally I wouldn’t say it’s completely unfounded, all of the GOP candidates are all viewed ‘unfavourably’ in polls, especially Newt Gingrich. The difference is that Clinton & Obama ran a pretty friendly race that wasn’t dogged by personal attack ads, whereas this time around the candidates have been going at each other like crazy, hence why other Republicans have been calling for party unity.

      Whoever wins the nomination, I don’t think the GOP will come out in good condition..

  2. LOL… yes this year’s primaries most certainly are giving us blogger plenty to write about.

  3. Katrina

     /  March 9, 2012

    In case you haven’t figured it out, William and I are die hard democratic Obama supporters, truthfully, I’d probably register as an independent, but there are so many things I wouldn’t be allowed to vote on, so… anyway, we honestly both think Romney will get the nomination, but it’s not a big deal to us, we’re not voting for him or any Republican, we just watch for the entertainment value. 🙂 And it is entertaining.

    • Ah right good, I really like Obama too!

      May I ask, just out of interest, what the significance of registering as an ‘independent’ is?

      • Katrina

         /  March 15, 2012

        It really only draws attention to you and lets the powers in our government who pay attention to that sort of thing know you believe both Democrats and Republicans are off base and you feel there should be a third option. I’m not sure when it started, but so far it’s not accomplished anything. We side with the Democrats, it’s just so easy to sway our government, especially if it might affect their paychecks.

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