Newt Gingrich, Or: How I Learned To Start Worrying About American Politics


At the time of writing this I’m sitting watching James Bond, Casino Royale in case your interested, whilst drinking a great cup of tea, so at this point, aside from being Hugh Grant, I’m being about as English as possible. And even sitting here in the middle of my comfortable English home, I’m worried … on the verge of weeping actually, the thought causing these ill feelings is that Newt Gingrich suddenly looks like the man most likely to face Barack Obama in the General Election later this year.

Honestly, Newt must’ve been Tebowing (see last week’s article) and Tebowing a lot! It’s the only reasonable explanation for what has been a frankly remarkable turnaround. Until last week Mitt Romney looked a shoo-in for the nomination, he looked set to complete a clean slate of wins in the first three primaries, now he’s just got the solitary win in New Hampshire of which he was always going to win anyway. While of course ol’Mitt is probably weeping quietly somewhere, (we could weep together? maybe?), it turns out that the South Carolina result was most wildly celebrated in the oval office as opposed to anyway actually near South Carolina. The result coupled with the Iowa Caucus overturn has significantly weakened Mitt Romney’s challenge for the nomination, and has also significantly weakened the GOP’s chances of winning back the presidency. The Democrats cannot believe their luck, and as the Republican in-fighting continues, the worst man has moved to the front of the queue.

The debate last monday evening was the beginning of the ‘Gingrich surge’, this debate by the way was the 16th debate! The 16th! Apparently Mitt has been most displeased with the frequency of the debates and I do agree, 16 debates really?! Anyway it was this debate that the wily ol’ Texan Rick Perry asked ol’Mitt to release his tax returns, which have now been released at a bit of a measly 15% tax, it had then emerged the Romney had lost to Santorum in Iowa, then Rick Perry realised who he was and dropped out and endorsed Newt, and Sarah Palin somehow managed to get past security to endorse him as well! In the end of course as everyone knows, Newt won SC by a giant 12%.

Although many thought, I was hoping, the Newt train would be derailed before the voting began, it  didn’t happen, although as I said many thought it would, and here’s why: – Newt’s second wife, you know the wife he left to go marry another woman whom he had been having an affair with while being indicted for ethics breaches as the Speaker of the House, while bitching at Clinton for having an affair, Yes that second wife, was giving an interview on how he had supposedly asked her for an open marriage so he could continue his affair with his soon to be third wife… yeah just give it a second for the classiness to waft over you.. And I’ll continue, while this looks like a train wreck of a situation nothing really came out of it, Newt didn’t dip in the polls and comfortably won days later.

**He was asked about all this in a debate, in fact I believe it was the first question of the debate, and he went freakin’ nuts, youtube it!

The problem is that when the topic was raised in the debate, Newt shouted it down calling it ‘despicable’ and that’s not even the problem, the problem is that the crowd stood and applauded his rude response, applauded, why? The Republican supporters sitting in the audience supposedly represent the moral side of America, they pride themselves, most of them, on their moral and religious values, and yet stand and applaud and even worse, vote for the man, while the ‘open marriage story’ may not be true, they vote for a man who left his first wife to marry his mistress, while his first wife was undergoing cancer treatment, and then left his second wife to marry his next mistress, as well as being the only Speaker of the House to be impeached in front of congress.. I mean what are these people applauding? They’re applauding the direct contradiction of their own beliefs and want this man as President!

He’s also promised Sarah Palin a ‘major role’ in the next administration, and if all of this before was not enough of a reason to not vote him, this last part definitely is!

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  1. Hypocrisy, thy name is Newt.

  2. Great post! I applaud Newt for his response for this reason: He is a fighter. The substance of the response and the topic were lost to most on the fact that the Conservatives are desperate to find someone who will FIGHT Obama – something that Mitt has yet to do. A Newt Republican Candidate will ensure great debates, but also a victory for the Left.

    Love your Blog, will be visiting again soon

    • Hey thanks for the support!

      Yeah I think you’re right, Newt’s certainly a fighter, if he does get the nomination the debates will certainly be interesting!

  3. Love it. Thank you!

  4. Katrina

     /  January 27, 2012

    Some people don’t know there was a time in history when America was a prison camp. Criminals from other countries were brought here and abandoned as punishment. Then Pilgrims came, couldn’t survive and began begging for help from the Native Americans, and we all know how that turned out. Actually, Gingrich fits in well with American’s early history. There are however a few of us who are trying to change this, I’m often embarrassed by some of the antics of our country, especially during election years.

  5. Great qiuestion you ask: “The problem is that when the topic was raised in the debate, Newt shouted it down calling it ‘despicable’ and that’s not even the problem, the problem is that the crowd stood and applauded his rude response, applauded, why? … I mean what are these people applauding? They’re applauding the direct contradiction of their own beliefs and want this man as President!”

    There’s a logic to their applause. I’m not sure I know what it is either, but let me take a shot. The one thing his right-wing audience hates most is the media. They have painted the media as liberal, tainted, out-to-get-them, the arch-enemy of the right-wing agenda. So when Gingrich blew a gasket, he knew exactly what he was going. He was deflecting the substance of the moderator’s question by voicing the audience’s hatred for television and print media they view as left wing. It’s a great oxymoron that those who applaud marriage between one man and one woman and family values would stand to boo the moderator who volced their question. The only way it makes sense is that “New is one of us” and you can’t use US against one of us! Hiss! Boo! Humbug!

    How delightfiul, BTW, to read your commentaries from across the pond. We often don’t see things so clearly here up close.

  6. Two things: First, I admire your dead-on assessment of Newt’s hypocrisy and ruthlessness. At the time you wrote this post, it seemed that he was about to become the GOP’s choice for nominee. But after Romney spent several million dollars trashing him in ads, his status has shrunk to the size and substance of a rabbit pellet. For which I’m truly grateful.

    Second, I greatly admire your use of color photos in your blog. I’ve been trying to insert images into my own columns, but have not figured out how to do so. I would greatly appreciate your sharing this secret with me.

    Meanwhile, I’ll look forward to reading your future columns.

    Steffen White

    • Hey Steffen! Thanks for your comment, I’m glad we both rejoice in Newt’s campaign going down the toilet!

      Ahhhh, normally I’m reluctant to give away my secrets, but i’ll make this exception! When your writing a new post on the ‘new post’ part, hit upload picture and then it’ll pop a picture in with your article. Before you upload the picture you have to drag the picture you want to use, or copy and paste it, onto your desktop and then you just have to select the picture, then when it’s in the dialogue box you can move it around into the preferred position!


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