Hell Mitt, just give them all $10,000!





Can you believe it, it’s gone so quickly! With only about 20 days left until the Iowa caucus, time is running out for Newt Gingrich to pull out of the running for the Republican nomination…

Yes possibly a tad optimistic on my part, but it worked with Herman Cain; I literally looked at his picture for about half an hour every morning willing him to quit, and look at him now, honestly this is real talent right here. Unfortunately this looks doubtful to work on Mr Gingrich who this week looks to have solidified his position as Republican frontrunner, after a surprisingly assured performance in last sunday’s debate in which he came under pretty sustained fire from everyone around him, I say ‘sustained’ as an understatement, to Newt’s credit he took more hits than a chubby kid playing dodgeball, he managed to stay and finish strongly at the apparent expense of ol’Mitt. 

Now around here, the English countryside, we love Mitt Romney, in fact no we don’t, most people don’t know who he is, well I like him more than the other GOP candidates and I genuinely believe that he should/will win the nomination even if I stronglbelieve that he will lose to Obama in the General election next year. But one thing we English do like is a joke, we’re funny people, Rick Perry on the hand, well he doesn’t like jokes, probably because he doesn’t get them or whatever, but the point is that Mitt Romney’s debate looks set to be remembered not for his strong performance, but for his ‘$10,000 bet attempt’.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then here it is, Rick Perry claimed that Mitt had supported healthcare reform in a passage in one of his books, Mitt of course denied this vehemently and put out his hand and said ‘Rick, I’ll tell you what $10,000 bucks? Ten thousand bet?’. Now admittedly a bet like this probably doesn’t go down well in these times of austerity, sure the bet was to some degree in fairly poor taste, three weeks before the Iowa caucus there probably aren’t many of the 99% making bets of any nature, but it was the fashion of the responses from the other candidates that really stood out. 

The response from Michele Bachmann’s camp was that ‘For someone to go and throw around a $10,000 bet, just goes to show even more that he’s not the same level as the people of Iowa or the country’. Yeah you heard it, Michele Bachmann taking the moral high ground, the woman whose husband turns people ‘straight’ for money, yeah it’s Mitt Romney thats out of touch…

RIck Perry’s camp on the other hand said that ‘it’s the language of Wall Street and not the language of Main Street Iowa,’ Although save the best for last, Linda Upmeyer, Newt’s campaign chairwoman bizarrely said ‘When i make a bet with somebody, it’s usually for the five dollars I have in my hand’. It’s as if she genuinely though Mitt was going to take a wad of twenties from his pocket on stage and start slapping them down. How many of us have said throughout our lives have said ‘I bet you a million quid’ or in an American’s case ‘I bet you a million bucks y’all’ as harmless jokes, the sheer shamefulness of some of the responses in attempts to sink another man’s candidacy is shocking. 

But I guess it’s that time of year when everything a candidate says get scrutinised beyond all civilised meaning, it’s also christmas time and I’m sending out some joke books, anyone know Rick Perry’s address?




Up Newt creek without a paddle..



I have a confession to make, before I type one more syllable I must tell you, the guilt… well, it’s crushing me. I have stolen, no borrowed, the title for this article, it was first uttered by Jon Stewart on his fantastic Daily show, and he was of course referring to the abnormally large headed, former speaker of the House; Newt Gingrich and his frankly meteoric rise from single digit stumbling in the polls, to leading in 3 of the 4 ‘early states’ and currently polling at 33% in Iowa. 

A month from now Iowa will vote for a candidate to face President Obama in next years election, and with Newt sitting 15 points clear he looks to be that candidate. On a scale of 1 – 10 on how scared this makes me, and hopefully everyone else, I’d say it’s, well about the same as Newt’s polls in Iowa ironically, it ranks about a 33 on the ‘scared scale’. However, I’m still holding out some hope for ol’ Mitt Romney, surely he deserves it though right? Last weeks article covered the rise and fall of the ‘non Mitts’ and from the man who has held the highest place most consistently I will honestly feel bad if he doesn’t win the nomination.

Now I was going to write this weeks article about Herman Cain aka The Herminator, still laughing about that, but unfortunately the Herman Cain jokes weren’t coming to me. After he hilariously withdrew from the race last week that means his quite substantial support had to go somewhere, and that somewhere is the Newt Gingrich 2012 campaign. And as someone so rightly said a couple of days ago ‘it is startling that Gingrich should be the main beneficiary of Cain’s shenanigans’. While I don’t think this support for Gingrich is short lived I think that Romney is still very much in this race, although he may be quite a way behind Newt in Iowa, he is still holding firm in New Hampshire.

Iowa for Mitt Romney was always going to be something of a struggle; 60% of the voters are evangelical christians who said they would never vote for a mormon, four years ago he campaigned hard in Iowa and spent in excess of $10 million trying to win, only to lose to Mike Huckabee. Instead he’s focusing more on the liberal state of New Hampshire, where many think Mitt Romney can do very well. Someone very aptly commented on one of my articles last week saying that polls were just an indicator and unless you get people out there canvassing then it’s unlikely to get the result you want, Newt Gingrich needs to be made aware, no wait, don’t tell him! His lack of organisation could cost him dearly, with over 1,600 separate precincts in Iowa, and each precinct needing a precinct captain to organise volunteers, it’s something of a mammoth effort.

The upcoming caucus should be interesting, if not slightly predictable, the real entertainment will come January 10th over New Hampshire way…