The Rise and Fall of the ‘Non – Mitts’!



So as the race to be theRepublican candidate goes on…and on. It seems as though another candidate has risen to the dizzying heights of ‘frontrunner’, and this new man is none other than that loveable Newt Gingrich, a man so great he… ok admittedly before I wrote this blog I had to do a bit of research on this man, because frankly I had no idea who he was, and never thought that he would even get this far. And surely this typifies what this so called ‘race’ become, as more and more candidates fall from being the front runner to the gutter, it was eventually time that one of the smaller fish would rise to the top, because there was literally no one else left!

Hence the catchy title of ‘Non – MItts’, oh and there have been a few, that have had their moment in the sun then crashed back down with sizeable force; The lunatic – cum – politician Michele Bachmann; Mr Brain freeze himself Rick Perry and of course who could forget Pizza King and professional gentleman Herman Cain. After the rest folded under scrutiny, it will certainly be interesting to see how Mr Gingrich fairs, and if he can stick it out without any major gaffes he may just stand a chance come January. Well that’s what I thought after knowing nothing about his past:

– Firstly I’m slightly embarassed to find out that he was Speaker of the House and yet I hadn’t heard of him.

– Secondly, after doing a bit of research, my advice to him would be to quit now and move to Mexico.

I literally cannot believe he his still allowed near D.C… In a great tabloid moment he complained about not being seated in the front section of Air Force one on a trip to Israel, and subsequently decided that this minor snub would play a part in his decision to shut down the entire US government in 1995. This led to a NY newspaper publicly calling him a ‘cry baby’ on their front page, a headline so bloody brilliant it’s the picture for this blog entry! He also, so far, remains the only Speaker of the House in US history to have been disciplined for misbehaviour, and has also had no less than 84 ethics charges filed against him while he held the position.

This is turning into a rant, but I honestly cannot believe this man; turns out that he was having an extramarital affair while impeaching Clinton for his, great stuff Newt, really. I guess that the Republicans are grasping at anyone who isn’t Mitt Romney, while he has been commendably consistent, the GOP are desperate for anyone else, even if that is Newt Gingrich.

Also, just sneak this point in, he had, and is rumoured to still have, a $1 million line of credit at Tiffany’s the jeweller for his third, yes third wife, well that should sit well with the 99%.



Republicans and foreign policy, not the greatest mix…apparently..

Well, let’s be brutally honest, odds are that no one thought Rick Perry’s ‘oops’ moment could be topped or at least equalled in terms of political foolery. But I’m guessing that some people may have been thinking ‘Well Herman Cain definitely has it in him..’ And those people are right, Mr Cain has certainly delivered, and in top form as well; in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, when asked about the Libya conflict, he said: –

“OK, Libya. President Obama supported the uprising, correct?”

When asked if he agreed with Obama’s support for rebels, he replied: –

“I do not agree with the way he handled it, for the following reason.” After hesitation and shifting in his seat, he said: “Uh, nope, that’s, that’s a different one. … see, I got to go back, see. Got all this stuff twirling around in my head.”

Now this gaffe could not come at a worse time for Cain, or a better time for everyone else, as it gives another terrifying insight into the man who could be President in just over a year’s time… scary stuff, no?

But then again isn’t it time Herman was given a bit of a break, sure he messed up on the Libya question slightly, and he said one of the top priorities was to stop China acquiring a nuclear warhead, seemingly unaware they’ve had them since the 60’s, but when compared with other Republican candidate’s namely Sarah Palin, Mr Cain comes off looking pretty damn good!

Who can forget, Sarah Palin’s, now infamous, explanation of why Alaska’s proximity to Russia gives her a wealth of foreign policy experience ; “As Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where– where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border.” Predictably the clip went viral at the time, and early on it looks as though Cain’s blunder might be going the same way.

But, all in all it’s not too bad for the Republicans; of course in the UK if you want to know anything about US politics then you have to watch the superb Daily show with Jon Stewart. And as much as I love to watch Jon Stewart in full ‘republican/fox news piss taking’ flow, you could only watch quite surprised as he declared that, the usual nutcase extra-ordinare, Michele Bachmann had the ‘sanest’ stance on foreign policy out of all the candidates including the seemingly mercurial Mitt Romney.

Whether, Cain’s latest gaffe will set his presidency bid back is anyone’s guess, most thought he was toast after last week but he’s somehow staying afloat, and if he can get through to January and the Iowa caucus without any major scene he should be ok, but until then my best advice for him is to hide in a cupboard and keep his mouth shut…firmly shut!

Perry, Cain & the first blog!

Ah, it’s that first blog feeling that you get when you start a blog, I’ve only felt it this once…but my god it’s good! I’ve decided to enter the blogosphere after being enticed my many of my friends at college. However he only question was, what do I blog about?!

After much deliberation I decided to write about the world of American politics, I’ve decided to do this as, frankly I love the USA. Having ‘crossed the pond’ more than a few times in my short life, and studying it’s great history at length while at school I instantly fell in love!

Well, thats the 50 million dollar answer. The real reason I’ve started this blog is because I just find America and it’s politics so interesting, it’s incredibly different to the UK in this respect; the US is far more divided and it’s politics reflect that.

So I guess the purpose of this blog is to give an insight into how we in the UK see the US. I also hope that because I’m so far away from the political sphere of the GOP & the democrats, I can give a good insight into events from across the pond, and hopefully include some of that famous British wit!

So here it goes… Like so many others I’ve been keeping a firm eye on the GOP Presidential nomination, and while there seems to be no stand out candidate, it’s seldom been short of entertainment. Moving away from Mr Perry’s brilliant ‘oops’ moment that could cost him dearly, we move swiftly to a certain Mr Herman Cain who has been swatting away sexual harassment allegations for the last two weeks.

It seems a tad ironic that ol’ Rick Perry could have killed his chances by forgetting a line, albeit an important line, while Herman Cain remains remarkably afloat despite various high profile sexual harassment accusations. In fact it boggles the mind, while many a pundit have predicted his swift downfall, he has seen only a slight drop in the polls and after a relatively strong performance in the GOP debate wednesday night he seems to be, somehow, back on track.

After Rick Perry’s debate gaffe on wednesday and the glorious fading of Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann, Cain remains the only option left for anti-Romney republicans who view the former Massachusetts governor as ‘dangerously unreliable’. If it wasn’t for Cain, Romney would already be jumping in joy!

By the looks of it, Cain could take Iowa, while Romney looks set to take New Hampshire in the first primary, if so it’ll boil down to the crucial proceedings in South Carolina.

However you would be a fool to dismiss Rick Perry at this point, his ‘oops’ moment is by no means a bar to the white house, I mean just ask George W Bush!